Unable to run "mesg-core start"

Error Message:
2018/11/18 10:07:06 Error response from daemon: could not choose an IP address to advertise since this system has multiple addresses on interface wlo1 (2405:204:9521:8f9e:31e1:b99f:f531:ffdd a nd 2405:204:9521:8f9e:a40a:26a0:94c:9101)

I understand from this is mesg tries to initialize docker but is unable to choose from the multiple IPs. Has anyone faced a similar issue? Can you give pointers to resolve this?



This looks really similar to this issue

This is because mesg-core is initializing docker swarm but you computer exposes two different ip addresses so you have to manually select the one you want to expose with the following command

docker swarm init --advertise-addr xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

This should solve the problem.


Thanks @Anthony
The above issue is resolved but I get another issue that I am unable to get past.
My guess is it is something related to working of mesg-core start command. I looked up 50052 port and it is not already used.
Error response from daemon: rpc error: code = InvalidArgument desc = port '50052' is already in use by service 'core' (l08ypvbd16znurzv9lq9vt91r) as an ingress port

This is probably related to the previous error, the core is probably running already inside docker but not correctly. This port is exposed by mesg-core.
Try to stop and start the mesg-core again.
mesg-core stop and mesg-core start again.

If this doesn’t work for any reason you can force the stop with docker service rm core and then start it again.

This is the error I am getting on running this.
mkdir /var/lib/docker: permission denied

This doesn’t seems related to mesg-core and if your docker is correctly installed there is no reason to touch this kind of folder.

If the core is running now it’s usable without anything else to do. You can start to create your services and create your application.

Why and where do you need this mkdir for ?

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This is the error that I get on starting the mesg-core using the command mesg-core start so I am not able to understand where is this being used/needed?

Could you create an issue on the Github and share

  • mesg-core version (mesg-core --version)
  • docker image (docker image ls | grep mesg/core)
  • docker version (docker --version)
  • environment (uname -a)
  • any relevant informations (screenshot or whatever)

I cannot reproduce this issue and this is the first time I see this issue.


Okay Cool. Will do it in sometime from now.