Support deployments from tarball urls



suggested by /cc @Anthony on Discord

Milestone v0.8
Milestone v0.7

We need this functionality for the marketplace.

The core should be compatible with url with http/https protocol that point to a tarball.

Currently, urls with http/https are considered as a git repository.
If we can implement a VERY SIMPLE system that detect if it a git or a tar, then we can keep the git deployment.
Otherwise, we get rid of the git compatibility to only keep the tar.

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Implemented here


TODO in different PRs:

  • more detailed error message then Service is not valid
  • remove github feature for branch in url #branch as it’s not standard in git protocol
  • remove git support at all?


I would be ok to totally remove the git support in the core.
Doesn’t mean that we cannot do git at all, we could always have this delegated to the CLI that will either detect the URL and convert to get the tarball from github/gitlab or even just clone the repo locally and create a tarball of this. Like that the core is really just accepting a tarball or URL.


I agree with antho, but yes, it’s other PRs!

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