Stripe to ERC20


The idea of this one is to be able to accept payment on Stripe and send token to the buyer (kind of airdrop the token). This can be used in many cases, with ERC20 simply to buy ERC20 without having to go to an exchange and the company that release the token can also sell it directly with the price they decide.

One other implication is using ERC71, it allows to buy collectibles (cryptokitties, game skins, addons…) without having to even know about Ethereum.

Business implication

  • Every project could be now able to use the benefits of blockchain and tokenize everything without having the barrier to entry that blockchains has now.
  • New way of ICO if legal
  • Gaming industry could have their token in the game that is actual token based on ERC20 or the different objects to craft or whatever based on the ERC721.
  • Shop could do their inventory on blockchain and still selling this with a simple credit cart system.


Demo video:




I put the demo online accessible for anyone at :slight_smile:

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