Solved plugin not enabled on Support

This is probably one for @Nicolas, but I see that discourse-solved is installed, but I don’t see the “Allow users to accept answers” option when editing a category. See this for more details.

Would you mind taking a look into this, @Nicolas? Ideally we will only have this enabled on the Support category for now.

This option “Allow users to select solutions on all topics (by default you control this by editing categories)” is activated in the plugin configuration.

I like the idea that any topic could be solved. But maybe it doesn’t make sense for non development/issue topic?

@staff what do you think?

Aha! That is the issue.

My personal take is that we only enable it for specific categories such as Support and Development. For example, it doesn’t make sense in News or HOWTO.

I desactive the global setting and activate it in #support and #development categories :+1:

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Great, thanks @Nicolas!