Shamir Secret Sharing for splitting mnemonic

We need to split mnemonics in order to securely backup them without losing too much security.

Shamir secret sharing algorithm is a perfect solution for this problem:

The issue is to find a trustable CLI that can encode and decode but also that can be installed easily on a offline computer and that should work on an ubuntu for many years.

Here is some cli that we could use:

I would go with go-shamir as it’s simple and written in Go and using Hasicorp Vault that seems to be a respectable project.

@core Can you give your feedback and take a look at the different links and suggest other if you have.

If I remember correctly, we had some issues with ssss because it was limited to a certain amount of characters.

go-shamir seems pretty good, I don’t see anything out of ordinary in the code of the vault or the cli so this could definitely be a good tool to use. Also in go so if we can get familiar with that, that can always be helpful.

Also, one way to reduce the trust factor is to use the tools with a huge set of inputs that are just a to add some noise if there is any spyware in the code. We decide that the result 312 out of 1000 is the one we want and like that there are 999 useless results that all generate a valid private key.

I remeber that I created the key for you with ssss because you didn’t want go version. I do not remember the reason for that, but for me go version is easy to use.

We used go-shamir on a fresh new air-gapped OS (ish)