Restart dev command

Right now every time we want to restart a service we are working on it takes up to 30s because of the following sequence:
1- stop the service
2 - remove the service
3 - restart the dev command
4 - deploy the service
5 - start the service

I think this could be optimized with a restart instruction that directly start from step 4 and in parallel stop and remove the service.

This can be done in different ways:

  • A “press r to restart” feature
  • A watch mode on the files with debounce and auto restart
  • A watch mode with question asked “Service updated do you want to restart ?”

I suggest to go with:

  • A “press r to restart” feature
    But with a message always displayed at the bottom on the cli that says: Press "r" to refresh the service.
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We could also have an option --watch that will watch all the files in the service (except the ones in the .mesgignore and reload automatically)