Reduce KeepAlive values

Hey guys,

We spoke on Discord to reduce the time of the different gRPC keep alive properties than we use.
I would like to have your feedback if we really want to change or not.
Here are the differents values:

Property Default Current Proposed
ServerParameters.Time 2h 1 min 1 min
EnforcementPolicy.MinTime 5 min 5 min 1 min
ClientParameters.Time Infinity 5 min 2 min

Also, from Solution summary for Docker dropping connections after 15 min, the values should respect:

ServerParameters.Time < Docker idle connection config (15 min)
ClientParameters.Time > ServerParameters.Time
ClientParameters.Time >= EnforcementPolicy.MinTime

Please vote in the following poll

  • Keep current values
  • Change to proposed values

0 voters

I’m closing the poll. We will keep the current values