Mesg.yml: possibility to define a logo url

Let’s have a new prop called logo or icon in the mesg.yml file which accepts service’s logo url. This way we can list services on the marketplace nicely with their logos.

In that case we should also add some meta informations like categories / tags. I personally prefer tags like that we can generate categories based on tags where the other way around is not possible.

I don’t know if the mesg.yml is the right place for that, that’s a bit strange to have to do that when you just want to do some coding, maybe just attaching this to the marketplace when we deploy, like a manifest file with informations like:

  • title (default from the mesg.yml)
  • description (default from the mesg.yml)
  • logo
  • tags
  • tarball_url (added during publication on the marketplace)

Agree with the idea but i think we should keep the mesg.yml just developer oriented

Really good idea by having the tags :+1:

I really like the idea of putting every information related with the service into the mesg.yml file. Because, I see it as a universal definition format for the services and like that we can pass it around and keep the service info in one place. Otherwise if we define this logo, tags, tarbal_url info on the Marketplace it limits the flexibility a bit in my view.

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I agree with @ilgooz. The service definition is the right place. Like package.json that contains a bunch of stuff not related to the code itself.


Let’s don’t make new package.json from mesg.yml. package.json is bolded and try to have everything, but developers then to split the information (for eslint, prettier etc…) in diffrent file. Like in coding you don’t put everthing inside one file/package. Let’s have mesg.yaml for service/developers and we can add new file for all metadata.

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