MESG Online Hackathon, 18th January to 17th February 2019

Introducing the first MESG hackathon.
This online hackathon will be open for an entire month, from Jan 18th to Feb 17th, 2019.
Come and create the best and most useful Application using MESG.

Note: A special prize will be awarded to an application which shows exceptional value or innovation, regardless of its final score or finishing place.

Total Prizes: $10,000

  • 1st place: $5,000
  • 2nd place: $3,000
  • 3rd place; $1,000
  • Special prize: $1,000

The value of prizes is measured in USD, however, prizes will be paid with the equivalent value of MESG Tokens.


  • Start: 18th January
  • End: 17th February at 23:59 UTC


Anyone and everyone of the age of majority is welcome to participate!


We need you to

Create a MESG Application and at least one MESG Service that fits into one of the following themes.
Applications should connect the services you use by defining the data flow between them.
Application can re-use existing Services. Check out the curated list of Awesome Services.
Applications might contain additional business logic depending on what you’re building.
Keep in mind that it’s always a good practice to create generic services and put business logic inside the application.

View full rules.



  • Cloud Computing
    • Connect existing cloud computing providers (e.g.: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud)
    • Create easy-to-use MESG Services that delegate execution to the cloud provider
  • Local Computing
    • Execute a generic task in local virtual machine (e.g.: run JavaScript code in a secure JavaScript Virtual Machine)
    • Execute a specific and resource-intensive task locally with dedicated and efficient software (eg: image processing)
  • Decentralized cloud computing
    • Execute a task on decentralized cloud computing platform (e.g.: iExec, Golem)


  • Fiat currency
    • Receive and/or emit a fiat currency payment
    • Connect existing fiat payment processor (eg: Stripe, MangoPay, PayPal)
  • Cryptocurrency
    • Receive and/or emit a cryptocurrency payment
    • Using Blockchains directly and/or a scalability solution on top of Blockchain (e.g.: Lightning Network, Plasma Cash)

File storage

  • Cloud
    • Connect an existing cloud file storage provider (eg: AWS S3, Azure, Google Cloud)
    • Create easy-to-use MESG Services that delegate storage to a cloud provider
  • Local
    • Store files locally within a MESG Service
  • Decentralized
    • Connect a decentralized file storage network (eg: IPFS, Sia)
    • Manage the cost of the storage (if applicable)


  • iOS / Android notifications
  • Emails
  • SMS notifications
  • Webhook notifications

Judging Criteria

Equally weighted criteria:

  • Quality of the Idea using MESG (including originality of the idea and how creatively the developer integrated multiple MESG Services)
  • Quality of the User Experience (including the visual design, whether it performs as expected, works well across device types, and more)
  • Potential Impact of the Idea (including the extent to which the submission is widely useful, might be customizable, might be extended to other scenarios, and more)
  • Quality of the Submission Package (including quality of the description, video demo, and any other materials)

How to participate

How to start

27 Jan 2019 update

The hackathon submission process has moved to Devpost!
Participants need to register on Devpost to participate.

The rules have also been moved to Devpost.

Happy hacking everyone!