MESG Core v0.8 Release Notes

New features in Core v0.8

Deploy services from tarball

Deployment from tarball is now possible. Enter the URL to the tarball in the commands service dev and service deploy.

mesg-core service deploy

Start and stop multiple services

The commands service start and service stop now accept multiple SIDs or hashes as arguments

mesg-core service start com.mesg.ethereum com.mesg.ethereum.erc20
mesg-core service stop com.mesg.ethereum com.mesg.ethereum.erc20

Color in Core logs

Core can be started with the flag --log-force-colors to force the colorization of its logs.

mesg-core start --log-force-colors


Fixed stream disconnection after inactivity

We finally fixed the automatic disconnection of a stream after a period of inactivity!

For the complete changelog, refer to Github .

To update to v0.8, follow the installation process on the documentation