MESG Core v0.5 Release Notes

New features in Core v0.5

Service ID

A new parameter SID has been introduced in the service definition file.
Developer can know specify a unique id to their services that will stay the same even if the service is deploy on another computer! No more nightmare of updating the Service’s ID after every deployment.

In the service definition file (mesg.yml):

name: "Ethereum"
sid: "com.mesg.ethereum"
description: "Ethereum Service to interact with any Smart Contract"

And then, use the SID in any command, API call or in the libraries. Eg:

mesg-core service start com.mesg.ethereum

Persistent volumes

Service’s volume are now persistent. It means that if you stop and start a service, it will still have access to its data before the stop.
Service’s developers have to set the persistent volume under the volumes parameter in the service definition.


    - /home/ethereum

For the complete changelog, refer to Github .

To update to v0.5, follow the installation process on the documentation