GUI Features

Here are some features that we probably-definitely need in the GUI:

have tray icon for mesg in the top bar.
install Core, Docker & configure Swarm after first install of gui.
add status(running etc.) & version info of Core to gui and notify users about Core’s new versions and ask it to update.
ask to user’s to update gui when a new version is available.
connect to marketplace service for marketplace page.
recognize urls that starts with mesg:// to show & deploy services etc.
add deploy button to service repos to deploy services via gui via: mesg://deployService?SID=X.
have a button in GUI to optionally clean local mesg databases after Core is updated.
provide ability to deploy services from local files (/with drag&drop).

About the tray icon, I really like one tool, blockstack that have only a tray icon with some menus and it open a page in your browser, I really like this experience, it’s not too intrusive and like that it’s ok to let the application open all the time. Or the same like docker, just the tray icon that open new popups for specific features.

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We are now moving to one single UI that will be the MESG Explorer that regroups the marketplace, the block explorer, debug tools and ways to deploy services and processes.

This is a standalone website that will rely on the MESG daemon and will be accessible to or subdomains per networks eg: