Add Docs About Creating Good Quality Services

Create docs about how to create “good quality” services and best practices to follow. These docs should cover both the implementation of service clients in other languages and the actual service logic.

Service Clients

MESG defines the protocol about how service clients should be implemented. For ex., each service client should listen for executions, emit results and events. Also they should start listening for executions after doing all other initialization. We can also add more rules that defines good quality service clients.

Service Logic

MESG services should use event system effectively. We need to figure out use case scenarios about events by time and put it into docs. Stateful services should provide direct data backups with an auth mechanism for different users of service. We can also add more rules that defines good quality services.

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I think that’s a great idea :wink: the docs are only briefly explaining the concept of a Service…
What medium do you think is best? new guide in docs? Set of articles?

Definitely a new guide in the docs! I’ll be sending some commits but I suppose next week. :open_book: