Client/service: v2 [Development] (3)
Go libraries [Core] (5)
Add more detailed data in the mesg.yml [Core] (20)
Mesg-js: implement 'ready' state for streams [Library JS] (2)
Get result api [Core] (11)
Mesg-js: make it possible to configure server address [Library JS] (5)
Acknowledgement system on stream [Core] (4)
Use gocache in .circleci [Core] (1)
UI for applications/workflows [Development] (1)
Milestone v0.6 [Core] (4)
Restart dev command [Core] (2)
Service.configuration is duplicated in Service.dependencies [Core] (2)
Configuring Services with Deploy-Time or Run-Time Arguments [Core] (18)
Env definition as object [Core] (1)
Make a websocket server to expose the APIs [Core] (8)
Mesg-js: seperate service and application code to different pkgs [Development] (4)
Improve relation between SID and Hashes [Core] (4)
Don't reserve 'service' name to make it able be used in config file as a dependency key [Core] (2)
Track service deployed time [Core] (1)
Improve Docker config injected in Core's container [Core] (1)
Add more validation on the data [Core] (1)
Better management of errors in the API [Core] (2)
Filter events and results by data [Core] (1)
Add autoupdate or update command [Core] (1)
Move logic of stopping core and services to api or daemon package [Core] (1)
Provide a way to start system services as image [Core] (1)
Start docker services in parallel [Core] (1)
Default behavior of the deletion of services' volumes [Core] (3)
New Go version 1.11 [Core] (3)
Go back to version 0.X.X [Core] (5)