Development   Core

Improve relation between SID and Hashes (4)
Don't reserve 'service' name to make it able be used in config file as a dependency key (2)
Track service deployed time (1)
Improve Docker config injected in Core's container (1)
Add more validation on the data (1)
Better management of errors in the API (2)
Filter events and results by data (1)
Add autoupdate or update command (1)
Move logic of stopping core and services to api or daemon package (1)
Provide a way to start system services as image (1)
Start docker services in parallel (1)
Default behavior of the deletion of services' volumes (3)
New Go version 1.11 (3)
Go back to version 0.X.X (5)
Combine service and importer structs into one (4)
Protobuf: change data type (1)
Brainstorming Service's Alias/SID/Versions and Data Volumes (12)
[Plugin system] Use MESG service to develop MESG core ( 2 ) (27)
Create container for development scripts (13)
Merge logic of unit and integration test (8)
Listener system based on a persistent state (1)
Newable database (4)
Caputre Stdout in command package (5)
Having util packages for testing (4)
Guideline for slice (3)
Trustful Network (10)
Mocking container package (10)
Go New functions with options arguments (6)
Core's name in Config (5)
Bind core volume to host (3)