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About the Core category (1)
Service definition: support recursive types (2)
Collect stats from core (12)
Service's hash are different from downloaded tarball and remote git (11)
Use of config in the Core (4)
Mesg-core: add version command (4)
Service hash, sid, id naming (5)
Milestone v0.7 (2)
Milestone v0.8 (2)
Accept multiple inputs for every commands (3)
Aliases for the cli commands (3)
Mesg.yml: possibility to define a logo url (5)
Replace structhash with json encoding (4)
Support deployments from tarball urls (8)
Go libraries (5)
Add more detailed data in the mesg.yml (20)
Get result api (11)
Acknowledgement system on stream (4)
Use gocache in .circleci (1)
Milestone v0.6 (4)
Restart dev command (2)
Service.configuration is duplicated in Service.dependencies (2)
Configuring Services with Deploy-Time or Run-Time Arguments (18)
Env definition as object (1)
Make a websocket server to expose the APIs (8)
Improve relation between SID and Hashes (4)
Don't reserve 'service' name to make it able be used in config file as a dependency key (2)
Track service deployed time (1)
Improve Docker config injected in Core's container (1)
Add more validation on the data (1)